Friday, November 20, 2015

Prioritizing Features

The meeting of our group last Friday marked the third time we were officially able to meet in person as opposed to the online discussion we have been continuously engaging in from the beginning. As the class session started, the entire class discussed about functionality, completeness, and balance along with the importance of prioritizing features. These features would include our group's core mechanics and structures, which, to name a few, would be the rides, concession stands, resource cards, and images used for our game pieces. On Friday's group session, Tiffany, Jon, and I discussed and divided the items we would need for our next session such as play money, a temporary board (till we would order a finalized one), rides that would be cut out, temporary resource cards, and tokens with numbers labeled on them to be used as balance markers. We also went over what kind of shape the temporary board should take on and mutually agreed that a rectangle board with triangle pieces would suit it the most.

The temporary board

The land pieces

For tentative rules about our game, we discussed a pattern each player would take on their turn where they would draw three cards and keep two or draw two and keep one card, which would equal three cards in total. We went over a mechanic on the player's turn where they could either buy resources, build rides, take a random card, put an item up for auction, or roll dice for money, and along with these, the player would also be able to buy a token. These tokens would have a limit on them that would only last three turns in order to keep a certain balance. There was also a discussion about using a draft method where you can pick two cards and pass one or pick one card and pass two in order to boost up the interaction level among players. Our group also categorized the rides under certain titles in order to set up a certain theme in our game's ride values such as rides for kids.

Our group also debated how the attraction value would fit against the thrill value. Although we did not come to a common consensus about this, I believe we will discuss and finalize this in the next class meeting. Another thing that we will finalize during our next meeting is the usage of ingredients and resources in our cards, and whether or not we will mix the two together or place them in separate decks when drafting cards. As we finished up the session, we went over and assigned roles for each of the members before leaving the class. I was in charge of creating the board along with writing up the blog post for this week. Tiffany was assigned to buying the toy money and figuring out costs along with cutting out rides and token. Jon was placed in charge of making the cards, which including rides, foods, and resources.

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