Friday, November 6, 2015

Choosing the game

Picking the game

Last week, each student presented their board game to the class and we had to vote on which board game we wanted to work on. All of the games had really nice themes and I was genuinely surprised when my game was one of the ones to be worked on. Of course, it is no longer my game; it is my group's game.

We spent our first meeting exchanging contact information and decided GroupMe was the best way to communicate. We talked a little bit about how communication in our old groups can be improved and figured that everyone should have an easier time because we all live on campus. I talked about the basic game mechanics I had in mind. I also sent a document that went a little more in depth on the mechanics in the beginning of the week. I thought that this would help my team get a better feel for the game and come up with ideas to improve or change the mechanics during Friday's class. Overall, I am excited to work in my new group and cannot wait to get started.

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