Friday, December 4, 2015

That's a wrap

It was a very busy week as we prepared to take the new information from the playtesters and implement it into our game before our final presentation. Surprisingly, most of the playtesters felt the game had a good rhythm and the only thing that really needed work was our numbering on the tree triangles. Jini decided to take charge in changing them and after she was done we were left with a balanced and fair game board.

Another element that we decided to implement was the golden roller coaster piece. It was decided that in order to create another level of competition, we would have one golden-level attraction for each roller coaster. The golden attraction is awarded to the player who builds the first of that attraction's kind and it stays until another player builds the same type of attraction. Not only does this make players build the same attraction as their competitors, it also gives them an incentive to build many different kinds of attractions as the golden attraction yields more revenue while it's in play. It was the missing element we needed to give more competition.

There was a lot of group effort into the final charge of getting everything completed in time for Friday. We were trying to shuffle our schedules around so we could meet briefly on Thursday night to make sure everything was all set, but between late night runs to Staples and finishing our final papers, we just could not find the time to squeeze in a meeting. We relied heavily on our group chat to convey relevant information and to make sure that all aspects of what was required for Friday was ready.

After another 6 weeks of nonstop work, we are very happy and excited to see our board game successfully completed.


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